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Zac Posen’s New Design Feels Threatened

“Creativity should be Credited”

After coming out with a design almost similar to Ghanaian fashion brand Afre Anko’s 2017 S/S clothing line, Zac Posen, a well-noted American fashion designer has found himself in a dicey dilemma.

At the 2016 Accra Fashion Week, Afre Anko a fashion label seen as one of Ghana’s top brand for creating clothes distinguished individuals in the country, showcased one of her three collection dubbed “Miss Afre Anko”, during the event. Zac Posen presented an identical design, alternatively matching to the clothings which had a casual wear with suiting fabric decorated with floral red print but this time, Zac Posen’s dresses had red flower designs actually sewn on the dresses.

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“MIss Afre Anko” from AFW 2016

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