As a personal stylist, I do come across alot of designers, both Africans and Europeans when I do shoots and fashion shows.

I have fallen in love with a clothing line called Miss Dee Clothing, the main reason being that her creations are simple, chic, affordable and easy to wear. The simplicity of the items, makes it sexy and very professional as well.

The owner of the line Aba, who is also a personal banker is such a lovely and determined lady. Speaking to her face to face over the weekend made me want to work with her even more. Her designs are for all sizes, all occassions and also for the working class who want to infuse a bit of the African flavour. She invited yours truly Dee of Style for lunch and this is what she had to say about her brand.

Please briefly describe your label.

Miss Dee is a mid-scale clothing label that designs ready-to-wear trendy attires with the aim of being a fast fashion brand in the near future.

Where were you born and where are you based now?

I was born in Cape Coast and I am based in Accra, Ghana.

How did you get into fashion design?

It has always been my passion making it the first choice when I decided to start my own business.

What inspires your designs?

The modern African woman ie educated, independent, hardworking and trendy.

What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label?

Financing, high cost of production and getting the right platform to market.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

When our first customer called us expressing satisfaction with her dress and our service.

What are your hopes and dreams for your business in the future?

To make it a fashion label success story from Africa like Inditex’s Zara from Spain. Miss Dee seeks to be a fast fashion line and would include Footwear, Bags and Cosmetics selling in all the major cities in Africa and other parts of the world.

What is the favorite piece you have designed and why?

This piece is yet to be launched. It’s a short dress that can also been worn as a long top made with Chiffon and Kente. I like it because Chiffon is my favorite fabric and the colorful Kente is without doubt the traditional cloth of my motherland. The two very different fabric combined came out so well and delivered, a simple yet classy design.

If you could design an outfit for one person, who would you choose and why?

Michelle Obama. Her tall frame and curvy body is our ‘dream body’ at Miss Dee. Again, she’s the kind of person, the Miss Dee woman (our target market) sees as an inspiration.

What is the most important advice you would give to young people looking for a career in fashion?

They should go for it and should not allow challenges to deter them.

Thank you soo much for talking to us.

For more details, please visit her facebook page:

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You can also purchase some of her lovely clothes at: Angie’s Collection, Spintex Road – (+233) 026 872 4950 / (+233) 030 281 2876. Also available at Giddy Couture, down the Papaye Junction and near Blue Gate, Osu (+233) 026 236 3336. You can also purchase her clothing from the Sista’s One Stop Shop, Edmonton Mall, N. London – (+44) 0773 826 7567. You can also order straight from Miss Dee by calling (+233) 026 280 7455.