Hassan Duba
Hassan Duba. Photo Credit: Roberto Grapher/Instagram

Hassan Duba, an influential digital creator, has taken the social media and fashion world by storm, leaving a lasting impact on millions of followers. Hailing from Isiolo, Kenya, Duba captured the hearts of millions with her captivating content and empowering messages.

The top influencer who competed for Miss Universe UAE 2022 has been described as one of the most beautiful women in the United Arab Emirates. Duba has not only made her mark in the beauty pageant world but has also proven herself as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion and modelling industry. Having performed in prestigious events such as Dubai Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Fashion Week DXB, her influence has rapidly spread beyond national borders.

Aside from modelling, Duda also is an entrepreneur and owns her skincare brand. She is also a philanthropist and has been recognised by the Nelson Mandela African Leadership Institute for her contributions to African education and philanthropy.

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As an influential figure, she has collaborated with renowned brands like Fenty Beauty and H&M, using her platform to showcase their products and leave a profound impression. The way she effortlessly combines her personal style with the brand’s vision has earned her widespread recognition and admiration.

What distinguishes her from others is her remarkable collaborations with prominent African celebrities and fashion enthusiasts like Temz, Lisa Milan, and Chanel Ayan. These renowned figures have praised Hassan as a trailblazer, acknowledging her priceless contributions to the African fashion landscape. With her distinctive vision and artistic flair, she has become a profound source of inspiration for countless individuals, presenting an innovative and authentic portrayal of African fashion that takes center stage.

Currently a Business student at Harvard University and also pursuing studies in Finance & Accounting at the Berlin International Business Institute, Hassan’s academic achievements are just the tip of the iceberg.