“Kente” also known as “Nwentom” in the Akan dialect, is a traditional cloth popularly worn by the Akans from the Ashanti Region of southern part Ghana.

The cultural attire is hand-crafted by local artisans using natural materials like silk and cotton fiber from interwoven textile strips from Bonwire, Adanwomase, Sakora, Wonoo, Ntonso all located in the Kwabre district in the Ashanti Region.

“Nwentom”, well-known as “Kente”, is identified by its vibrant, dazzling, multi-colored patterns with geometrical shapes and strong peculiar designs which is used to create stunning African clothing’s, shoes, accessories and other products too are produced from the “Kente” and is wearable by all ages.

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The garment, is a precious-scared cloth normally worn on special occasions and highly regarded among the Akans and some parts of Ghana and the world as a whole.

V neckline skirt suit Styles Afrik
V neckline skirt suit Styles Afrik