The Meet Africa Fashion Festival (MAFEST 2024) is gearing up for a spectacular celebration of Africa’s rich fashion heritage. Scheduled to take place from February 13 to 15, 2024, this highly anticipated event promises an extraordinary showcase of African style and creativity.

The highly anticipated event, titled “Celebrating Africa and the Beauties of Nigeria,” is set to occur at the esteemed International Conference Centre in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. MAFEST 2024 is poised to become an extraordinary gathering, uniting Africa’s foremost fashion designers, models, influencers, and industry experts. Extensive preparations are in motion, ensuring that this event will shine brightly and leave a lasting impact.

MAFEST 2024, organised by Mena Communications Limited in partnership with Modela Couture, Lagos, seeks to highlight the boundless possibilities of Africa’s fashion and garment sector. With the understanding of its significant contribution as the second-largest provider of employment and generator of wealth following agriculture, the festival aims to exhibit Africa’s remarkable creative capabilities while motivating governments and financial institutions throughout the continent to foster investment.

“We are thrilled to launch MAFEST 2024 and shine a spotlight on Africa’s fashion and garment industry,” this event will not only provide a platform for established designers and models but also empower emerging talents to showcase their innovative creations and avant-garde designs.”

Director of Communications, Media, and Strategy for MAFEST, David Nwokorie.

The upcoming three-day festival will feature a range of exciting events including captivating fashion shows, engaging exhibitions, prestigious awards ceremonies, and informative business-to-government sessions. The festival aims to foster an environment for strategizing and generating ideas that will boost investments in the sector.

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One of the main attractions at the event will be the highly anticipated announcement of the esteemed titles of MAFEST Designer of the Year and MAFEST Model of the Year.

Moreover, selecting Abuja as the venue for MAFEST represents a tactical move aimed at establishing a thriving fashion hub, which will play a significant role in the growth of garment manufacturing for both domestic consumption and global trade.

This ambitious initiative is projected to generate over 400,000 employment opportunities, presenting a substantial economic uplift for women and youth. MAFEST 2024 offers attendees an exceptional chance to engage with acclaimed fashion icons, up-and-coming designers, beauty enthusiasts, and notable personalities, fostering valuable connections and inspiring experiences.

Prepare for a festival brimming with unexpected delights, where networking sessions and meet-and-greet opportunities abound. This thrilling event promises a star-studded lineup, featuring appearances by renowned movie celebrities, captivating beauty queens, and stunning supermodels hailing from four continents. Anticipate a truly unforgettable experience!

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As the world eagerly awaits MAFEST 2024 – an extraordinary occasion that promises to honour Africa’s rich fashion heritage while driving remarkable changes in the continent’s fashion industry, Fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals alike can prepare themselves for an unparalleled event that embraces diversity and seeks to revolutionize Africa’s fashion landscape.