Multi-award-winning duo Blaq Diamond has released their long-awaited third studio album “Zulu Romance” via their label Umuthi Othi Thi.

After going independent the duo focused heavily on creating music and Zulu Romance is a hand-selection of carefully curated songs that the duo felt the people deserved to hear.

In its true essence, Zulu Magic is an introduction to a series of albums that are heavily based on love. While each song varies in tone, they all are originals and circle back to one universal theme, the theme of love.

The message of love, honor, and respect can be heard throughout the album. Danya and Ndu put us into a rollercoaster of emotions as they express their past experiences about love and the things they have faced in the journey of love and their journey as two young boys who came together for the love of what they do, to make life better for those they love.

“For us, this album is a culmination of the last fourteen years, our stories about love, and our journey as brothers. We are so excited this album is officially out! We can’t wait for you to finally hear it and perform it in front of all our fans around the world! We want to send a positive message to everyone that’s going to listen to this album. We’ve gained so much confidence from writing this album and that’s what we want people to take away.”

Zulu Romance is a collection of ballads that can be enjoyed by the whole family, with some upbeat songs you also find mellow songs, so it is an album for every mood. The album is a collection of 10 songs only and this is because this album is an introduction to the Zulu Romance series which they plan to release annually. In a way, this is just a taste of what’s to come.

On Zulu Romance, we will also see Blaq Diamond put in more collaborative songs. Although they produced and wrote most of the album themselves, they worked with artists like Big Zulu and several producers on a few of the songs. Blaq Diamond is always known to pull a rabbit out of the hat, and this is exactly what they have done with Zulu Romance.

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"Zulu Romance" Series
“Zulu Romance” Series

01. Inkumbulo
02. Ntombo
03. Emaweni
04. Mangibona Wena
05. Away
06. Qoma
07. Impi Yothhando
08. Memories
09. Izishimane
10. Golide


Blaq Diamond is a multi-award-winning Afro-Pop Duo comprised of Siphelele Dunywa (Danya Devs) and Ndumiso Mdlethshe (Ndu Browns). This duo is responsible for many chart-topping hits including the 2019/20 SAMA Record of the Year Ibhanoyi. They also hold the title of SAMA Artist of the Year for 2020/21. Apart from the music Blaq Diamond is also known for their style and authenticity which they also portray through the music.

Blaq Diamond - Siphelele Dunywa (Danya Devs) and Ndumiso Mdlethshe (Ndu Browns). Photo Credit: Umuthi Othi Thi
Blaq Diamond – Siphelele Dunywa (Danya Devs) and Ndumiso Mdlethshe (Ndu Browns). Photo Credit: Umuthi Othi Thi

Following their nomination at the 24th South African Music Awards, Blaq Diamond scooped two nominations at the 26th SAMAs for Best Afro-Pop Album and Record of the Year. The talented pair walked away with the Record of the Year Award for their much-loved song Ibhanoyi voted for by the people. They graced the SAMAs again in 2021 with their songs ‘SummerYoMuthi’ and ‘Love Letter’ being nominated under the Record of the Year category.

After this, they went on to win the first-ever Artist of the Year award at the SAMA’s, which is also voted for by the people. ‘SummerYoMuthi’ has reached triple platinum status with over ten million streams, occupying the number one spot across multiple platforms and they received a plaque for it in March 2021. In November 2021, the duo received their very first All Africa Music Award for their hit single ‘SummerYoMuthi’.

They were also nominated in seven other categories, which was a big achievement for Blaq Diamond since it was the first time any artist was nominated 8 times in the AFRIMAs. In 2022 they released their hit records ‘’Ilanga’ which hit a million views in two weeks on YouTube and” Qoma” which saw more than 3 million views in 3 weeks.

Blaq Diamond received plaques for their other hit singles including ‘Ibhanoyi’ which is a four times platinum song with over 15 million streams. ‘Love Letter’ is certified three times platinum having just above 11 million streams and they also hold a plaque for their six times platinum album, Umuthi with over 23 million streams.

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The Ladysmith talents are the creative geniuses behind BET’s Isono title sequence composition. The 27-year-olds continue to engrave their names in the entertainment industry as they have traveled in and outside South Africa performing their hits. Countries like Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Dubai, Lesotho, Botswana, Tanzania, Malawi, and Namibia have hosted Blaq Diamond in events and concerts.

Blaq Diamond has also teamed up with white spirit beverage, Russian Bear in their #NextLevel campaign for 2021/22 and 2022/23 for a limited edition Blaq Diamond-inspired edition of Russian Bear vodka which is a first of its kind by Russian Bear. While growing in the entertainment industry, Blaq Diamond ventured into business and opened their record label, Umuthi Othi Thi.

The summer of 2021 was welcomed by two tracks from Blaq Diamond, ‘Ama Criminal Records’ and ‘Italy’ released in September and October to prepare for the festive season. As Blaq Diamond is synonymous with songs loved by the masses, the two singles got an amazing reception from their supporters. They look forward to being the greatest at everything they do and hope to scoop international awards too. The talented duo has gained massive success and support after going independent and releasing new music under their record label Umuthi Othi Thi.

Blaq Diamond - Siphelele Dunywa (Danya Devs) and Ndumiso Mdlethshe (Ndu Browns). Photo Credit: Umuthi Othi Thi
Blaq Diamond – Siphelele Dunywa (Danya Devs) and Ndumiso Mdlethshe (Ndu Browns). Photo Credit: Umuthi Othi Thi

They are working to grow the Umuthi Othi Thi brand and take it to global heights. Blaq Diamond has since released iCareer, Impi Yothando, and Izikweletu (feat DJ Maphorisa and Tman Xpress) in 2023 under Umuthi Othi Thi. These songs have gained massive support from the people as they touch on powerful topics and are a true definition of the Blaq Diamond sound and the direction they are taking with their music.

They are also set to announce new artists under the Umuthi Othi Thi banner and work on more collaborative efforts with up-and-coming artists. Umuthi Othi Thi is defined by Blaq Diamond’s Craftmanship which is why they see fit to also release music under the stable for the stable. The duo has their eyes set on creating a legacy and this move is a step in the right direction towards conquering not only Africa but the World through the art of music.