Owambe fashion has come a long way, from the traditional Aso-oke and lace to the more modern styles that we see today. Owambe events have always been known to be a place to show off one’s style, and with the ever-changing fashion industry, it’s no wonder that Owambe fashion has also evolved over the years. STYLEAFRIQUE™•com explores some of the Owambe fashion trends that have taken the Nigerian fashion scene by storm.

Aso-Ebi Styles

Aso Ebi Styles
Aso Ebi Styles. Photo Credit: owambestyles.com/Pinterest

Aso-Ebi styles are a staple at Owambe parties. It is a tradition in Nigeria for the host of an Owambe party to provide their guests with a specific fabric that they can use to make their outfits. This fabric is known as Aso-Ebi. Aso-Ebi styles are usually tailored to suit the occasion and can range from simple to elaborate.

Gele Styles

Chioma Goodhair
Chioma Goodhair. Photo Credit: Wale Visuals/Instagram

Gele is a type of headtie that is a must-have accessory for any Owambe outfit. Gele is usually made from a long strip of fabric, which is expertly tied around the head in different styles. Gele styles have evolved over the years, and there are now many creative and elaborate ways to tie the gele that can compliment any outfit.

Embroidery and Beadwork

Osas Ighodaro
Osas Ighodaro. Photo Credit: Photofreak/Instagram

Embroidery and beadwork are traditional techniques that have been used in Nigerian fashion for centuries. They are now being incorporated into Owambe fashion trends in new and exciting ways. Embroidery and beadwork can add an extra touch of elegance to any outfit, and they can be used to create intricate designs and patterns on fabrics.

Peplum Styles

Ini Edo
Ini Edo. Photo Credit: Ini Edo/Instagram

Peplum styles are another Owambe fashion trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The peplum is a short overskirt that is attached at the waistline of a dress or blouse. Peplum styles can be combined with other traditional styles to create a modern and elegant look.

Ankara Styles

Lilian Afegbai
Lilian Afegbai. Photo Credit: Photo Kulture/Instagram

Ankara is a type of fabric that is native to West Africa. It is a brightly coloured and patterned fabric that has become increasingly popular in Nigerian fashion. Ankara styles can be used to create a wide range of outfits, from simple dresses to elaborate gowns. They are also versatile and can be combined with other fabrics to create unique and stylish outfits.

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Owambe fashion trends are a reflection of Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage and its evolving fashion industry. They provide a platform for people to express themselves creatively and showcase their style and elegance. As Owambe parties continue to grow in popularity, it is certain that the fashion trends associated with them will continue to evolve and inspire new and exciting styles.