27 year old singer & songwriter Nana Fofie has been signed to Nicki Minaj’s new record label. The American rapper shared this recently on her Queen Radio podcast show. Fofie was with Minaj when she shared the news. Nana Fofie is a Netherland based songstress who has become known for her ‘mash-up’ style that she shares on YouTube. She fuses R&B with an Afro sound inspired by her Ghanaian heritage.

Nicki Minaj over the years has shared how much she likes Fofie’s sound and encouraged the world to listen to her. She first expressed interest in signing Fofie in 2019. That same year the singer opened up for Nicki Minaj at a Nicki World Tour concert 

Four years later Fofie has become one of the first four artistes signed to Minaj’s record label. Minaj is the first woman to own a record label. The other artistes she has signed are Skeng, London Hill and Rico Danna.

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Fofie describes herself as an Afro-European artist. Prior to her signing, this year in January she released a single called ‘Selling Dreams’. It was accompanied by a music video on YouTube.

Following the announcement, Fofie posted an image on her Instagram page of her and Nicki Minaj.

With this signing, her style of music will soon be internationally known. She will be joining female artists of African origin like Tems (who won a Grammy recently) on the international stage.