Ghanaian Braised Rice
Ghanaian Braised Rice. Photo Credit:

‘Angwa Mo’ literally meaning oil rice is another favourite way of cooking rice in Ghana. It can be cooked plain or with tolo beef which adds flavour and takes it to another level. No matter the grammar you choose to associate with this dish, there’s no better name than ‘Angwa Mo’. It’s simply music to the Ghanaian ears.

Angwa Mo As A Quick Fix

Angwa mo is simply rice fried and cooked in oil. It is the native name for braised rice. The Akan people of Ghana pride themselves on it as a consistent dish to save time and quench immediate hunger.

From the child who wants a quick fix because the mother hasn’t returned home from work to the young bachelor who can’t be bothered with the whole cooking shenanigans, angwa mo has been a saviour in one way or another.

How To Cook Angwa Mo

Cooking angwa mo begins with frying the onion in oil, followed by adding the tolo beef which is optional. Pour the rice into the pot and stir continually until the rice has successfully glazed the oil. Gradually add water, stir and add salt to taste, cover and cook under low heat, stir continually and after a few minutes your angwa mo is ready to serve.

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Enjoy your angwa mo with green/red pepper or shito, boiled or fried egg, sardines or corned beef and sausages complimenting it. The crunchy bottom of the rice, also known as scorched rice, is incredible and everyone will fight for a portion.

The secret to having a fluffy and perfectly cooked angwa mo is to let it cook in its own steam.