Phyna’s Level Up journey. Credit: MNET/DSTV/YouTube.

The hype priestess threw herself to the floor in disbelief when Host Ebuka announced her ultimate victory in a star studded Live Grand Finale.

After 72 days in the #BBNaija House, it was down to former Level 2 Housemates Bryann and Phyna. Phyna, being the most Nominated Housemate in the Level Up Season not only survived multiple possible Evictions  but was also crowned Winner of the Game.

The announcement was made tonight during a thrilling Finale that saw Daniella, Adekunle, Chichi and Bella Evicted from the House in that order, leaving Bryann and Phyna as the last two standing. “Bro we walked into this House together, and we the last two,” Phyna shouted to Bryann in excitement pacing about the lounge, after Host Ebuka announced Bella’s Eviction. 

Emotions ran high when the Top 2 stepped onto the Live Finale stage as Phyna, clad in a bright red fish-tail gown, was out of words when Ebuka asked for her thoughts on making it to the end of the Game. Nothing could have prepared Ebuka for Phyna’s reaction when he announced her as the Winner. She immediately fell to her feet face down in excitement, with her legs in the air and hands banging the stage. Family and friends swarmed the stage to congratulate the country’s latest millionaire.

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In her last Diary Session, the confident Phyna said she had a 9/10 chance of being crowned the Winner, and she was not too far off.

The spunky Edo chick never shied away from a challenge and was not afraid of confrontation. “Comot body no join body. If you join body, you go collect. Who deyy,” was Phyna’s mantra in the House, and she was always ready to fight for what is hers. She brought all the ginger and vibes she promised when she came on stage at the beginning of the Level Up Season and made her mark as soon as she yanked off her wig upon entering Biggie’s House.  

As Big Brother rightly put it in his final words to Phyna, “You came here to make a difference, now go out there and do the same. There is only one question; Is the world ready?”.