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Suaveness in Chocolate: Fusing the Chocolate Clothing the Urban street way

“Something for the Classy men”

Everyone deserves a worthy look that makes him/her feel good, confident, comfortable and sophisticated at all times. As we take a breather from the ladies, to dive deep into trends that are in vogue for our classy men. Whatever your style/ preference you may be found in Urban by Chocolate is got our covered. Below are some Urban looks that will make you feel dapper the street style.

Your environment should never judge your style. Playing it cool with the weather in an Urban rigged pants, combining with a navy blue hat and finally finishing with a pop of color Air-max  sneaker.

Looking manly and cute in a hot pink Urban shorts catching some breeze the beachy style.

For that lone time in the park , Urban 3 quarter pants is the absolute pick for that “me time”. Though its a “me time” , Urban still got you the street style way.

Feeling confident and stylish in these Urban print shirts for that casual “boys boys” hangouts.

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