Fashion is just an accessory for someone with great style as it is not only built on the appearance but also the inner beauty and confidence that comes with it to create the perfect and unforgettable look. With it been a repetition of ideas making it new the way its’ been combined together.

Whether hipster style, cool or hard core, simplicity is the keynote to every “Elegance” style. Young fashion guru’s making waves all over the African Continent, they may not be too popular/ famous but their sense of style is definitely making a name and creating a huge impact on individuals that are inspired by their style.

Boitumelo Thulo (South Africa)

Shot by StillsByTom

Named as one of South Africa’s Glamorous Women in 2017, Boity as she refers to be called, is a TV Host and an Actress who have won over the hearts of South Africans and other country inhabitants just by her self esteem, humility, dazzling smiling smile and of course her fashion that can never go wrong.

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Boity in her Glamorous Women shot

Joy Kendi (Kenya)

Joy Kendi

Consistently appearing dazzling from head to toe, Fashionista/ Lifestyle Blogger/ Photographer Joy Kendi, has undoubtedly proven to have an undying affection for fashion. From the taste of colors to the thrills her outfits have always been very innovative. She believes being natural/ simple can look good without even having to spend much.

Fashion blogger Joy Kendi

Igee Okafor (Nigeria)

Igee Okafor

Is his truly the ever-smiling Igee Okafor, a Personal Writer of Life and Style. With his own expression of fashion being obtainable to style being priceless is incredible with every outfit he puts on. From classic to sophisticated to preppy, this incredible writer nails it.

Shot by Daniel D’Ottavio

Fella Makafui (Ghana)

Fella Makafui

Fast rising TV Personality/ Model and Philanthropist, Fella Makafui made her way to stardom from starring in one of the local series “YOLO” (You Only Live Once). Her humoric nature and “broken” English Language surely did the magic but what really made her the country’s sweetheart is her curvaceous figure and her stunning choice of style. Whatever the occasion may be she surely knows how to “kill it”.

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Shot by Midnart

Wherever they are they certainly “make everyday a fashion show and the world a runway”.