Now becoming a mainstay on the festival calendar with talks, concerts, plays and an African market, Africa Utopia is the latest African avenue to buy merchandise African fashions and food.

Meet our AFWL/Africa Utopia Menswear Designers:

Kola Kuddus creates clothes for the modern man has showcased at high profile shows such as Lagos Style Week and Africa Fashion Week Nigeria.

Del Africa provides exceptional aesthetic-designed clothing for local/international market. Del Africa combines a unique blend of African and international fabrics and designs to produce clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.

Soboye, a very much in demand menswear designer and stylist, Samson Soboye has had 20 years’ experience in the creative industries and is the British Nigerian creative behind the successful brand that has been in existence for an impressive 15 years.

Nigerian Abisola Akanni was a favorite of Graduate Fashion Week 2017. Expect to see freshness in her showcase. Unaffected by the current Lagos aesthetic and taking her inspiration from her memories of Nigeria with a London twist.

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And the AFWL / Africa Utopia Women’s wear Designers include;

SLOW – CASE is Zambian Odette Steele’s new brand. A social commentary on the issue of the ‘throwaway culture’ that we now live in. Inspired by the numerous ‘flea markets’ that she saw growing up in Zambia, that were laden with cast away clothing from Western countries, the idea of revamping undesired clothing to consider the issue of waste and over consumption was formed.

Yemzi is run by British-Nigerian fashion designer Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade founded Yemzi in 2013 with a limited edition range of environmentally friendly printed t-shirts. The fashion brand’s first ready-to-wear collection (S/S’16) was released in 2015, setting the premise for Yemzi’s aesthetic. Tired of seeing African designers limited by the same Dutch wax designs, Elizabeth-Yemi creates the artwork for her collections, which are inspired by West African culture. She combines her unique fabrics with Western and traditional silhouettes

Didi Creations is a design creative enterprise that is inspired by colours, retro, African arts and culture; hence the colorful, retro and Afrocentric theme in most of our designs. Each of our design is hand crafted from start to finish. We create using the finest natural raw materials ranging from leather, bamboo, fabric, fur, beads, wood, straw, sequence, shells, and coconut shell.

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Kola Kuddus
Del Africa
Abisola Akanni