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African Fashion takes on a New Turn

African designers taking over the international scenes.

The world has drawn its attention to Africa’s uniquely designs which treads towards the fashion sustainability that promotes employment for local artisans and the perseverance of African culture. African designers taking over the international scenes include:

Fashion brand, Kibonen NY, owned by Cameroonian designer Nfi Kibonen. With a Master’s degree in International Trade and Marketing from New York Institute of Technology and a co-partner for KiRette Couture, Nfi became famous in the West African fashion industry and that went solo to create Kibonen NY.

Elsa Adane, Ghana, and Edith Uyovbukheri, an Ethiopian created an array of  Marhaw Fashion brand of African handbags where quality products like leather from Ethiopia was used and hand-woven materials from Ghana.

They both aim to provide job opportunities for locals to keep the traditional batik-making, leather creation and weave industries alive.

Lastly is a Zambian designer and founder of Chiz`O Designs. Her passion for fashion, made her to quit her job as a Chartered Accountant. In 2014, she made her first appearance at the Zambian Fashion Week, the same year she left her occupation.

Her colorful embroidery  with bright colors and strong shapes have gone on to be exhibited on other runways in Africa.

As a Textile Ambassador to Zambia, she desires to bring developmental change to Africa. Her  aim was focused on  combining traditional African textiles and prints together with contemporary looks to create original African designs.

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Nfi Kibonen

Nfi Kibonen

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