Her goal and mission was to set an example for Africa’s outstanding fashion, promoting high-class, beautiful and well-made designs that challenges and give steadiness to the low perception of African brands. Mariatu Turay, an African-Caribbean creator of fashion now based in London with her passion for African fashion and being a designer.

She established her own luxury line Gitas Portal. The line was then made public in the year 2011 and five (5) years later, she opened her first boutique Gitas Portal Boutique in London.

Mariatu, Founder and CEO of Gitas Portal uses her brand to appreciate women who are outstanding, bold, goal achievers and survivors. Despite the unpleasant situation she encountered in her hometown and motherland (Sierra Leone) at age 16 due to the Civil War massacre.

Though homeless and stranded Turay, worked as a hair stylist at a salon in USA just to support her family. Aside the hairdressing skills Mariatu acquired other skills like secretarial and office ethics as a way of paving her way into the American corporate world.

As a fashion designer and wearer of her own clothing, Mariatu Turay compliments fashion and accepts it’s unique look of individual’s flair and sovereignty of one’s inner beauty.

With her journey being indicated as her tenacity, a testimony and also a way to inspire others despite life’s harsh treatments. The Voice commended Mariatu Turay and other women who have survived turmoils to reach substantial achievements in their fields of work as part of the just ended celebrations of the International Women’s Day.

Mariatu Turay