Day in day out, the Ankara print has proven to be more than a reliable and versatile tool which has the power to easily transform ones look into a glam, stylish and trendy. This week, STYLEAFRIQUE™•com takes a look at some of the latest and fabulous Ankara styles that were spotted on social media, these are styles that are sure to turn heads and make a statement.

See photos below:

Anita Akuffo Ankara
Anita Akuffo. Photo Credit: Motion And Stills/Instagram
Lilian Afegbai
Lilian Afegbai. Photo Credit: Snappcode/Instagram
Berla Mundi
Berla Mundi. Photo Credit: Chocolate Shot It/Instagram
Rutie B
Rutie B. Photo Credit: Rutie B/Instagram
Jazzy Ogaga
Jazzy Ogaga. Photo Credit: Snappcode/Instagram
Kwansimah. Photo Credit: Kwansimah/Instagram
Nancy Isime
Nancy Isime. Photo Credit: Nancy Isime/Instagram
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