Two years ago in 2021, a then 11 year old Nana-Yaa Owusuah Sarpong (British of Ghanaian heritage as based in UK) was inspired to research natural organic oils and butters to help with her little brother’s eczema. It was really bad. The combination of eczema and dry skin was really hurting him.

With the help of her mum (Nana-Yaa showed her what she wanted to put in her body butter and her mum helped her get the ingredients and put it together) she created a body butter that helped heal her brother’s skin. 

This inspired them to share this product with the world. The Body by Feather brand was born. 

The body butter is nourished with organic ingredients and with a variety of scents per tub such as Lavender, Blueberry, Strawberry and other. For the consumer who prefers one without a scent, it comes in a Raw iteration too. 

Body butter comes in a variety of scents.
Body butter comes in a variety of scents. Photo Credit:

The handmade, natural organic product does not only give luxurious deep skin moisturizing and skin glow but those with with acne, eczema, dry skin and other can benefit too. Brand reviews by those who have tried it testify of this.  

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Body by Feather is cruelty free, organic and all natural. The brand is on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok as @bodybyfeather.

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