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If you love the December festive season as I do, you’ve probably been looking forward to it the whole year. It’s always so exciting when we start seeing the Christmas lights being put up because that is how you know that the festivities have officially begun.

As Christmas approaches and the merry mood fills the air, we tend to relax and have a carefree vibe. This is a good thing and all but it gets tricky because people find themselves abandoning essential routines like skin care regimens. So by the time you’re entering the New Year, you have breakouts, dull skin and sun damage which definitely isn’t a good thing.

As you prepare to spend time with family and maybe travel, these are some of the things you can do to keep your skin happy:

Apply Sunscreen

The myth that Africans don’t need to apply sunscreen has been debunked countless times. We should all be applying sunscreen to prevent the ageing effects of direct UV exposure and to reduce the risk of skin cancer, among other reasons.

Many of us will be spending time outdoors and that is why sunscreen should be a priority. If you’re planning to shop for one, make sure you get one that has a minimum protection factor of 50. Also, research properly so that you choose one that is suitable for your skin type.

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Reapply Sunscreen Every Two Hours

Many people also don’t know how important it is to reapply sunscreen after two hours. Even if some brands say that you only need to apply once a day, it’s simply not true because sunscreen breaks down after two hours, leaving your skin exposed again.

Therefore, don’t forget that you need to top up every two hours. This is the only way to guarantee that your skin is protected throughout the day.

Simplify Your Routine

During the holidays, there isn’t always time to keep up with complex routines. Sometimes we stay out late and head out early in the morning, and this busy schedule is part of the reason why some neglect their skin care needs entirely.

What you can do is stick to the basics so that you can be free to enjoy yourself. This will even give you a chance to research and know some of those ineffective steps that have been complicating your routine.

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Go Easy On The Junk Food

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The hardest thing to resist in December is junk food. This is when all the chapatis, fries and sausages find their way into our bodies, sometimes in excessive amounts. And that nyama choma continues to ebb and flow.

There is nothing wrong with eating what you like but remember that moderation is key. If you don’t have self-control in this area, your health and skin will suffer.

Find a way to balance healthy foods and comfort snacks to prevent nasty breakouts and other problems. Incorporate fruits and drink lots of water.


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The other thing you need to remember is to keep your skin hydrated. There are many factors that can suck out the water from your skin including high salt diets, alcohol and environmental factors, so you need to replenish the water levels to prevent dullness and dryness.

But, make sure you’re drinking enough water, not an excessive amount. 

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