Fifi Umenyiora
Photo Credit: Africa Fashion Week London

The Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) is Europe’s largest fashion event promoting and nurturing African-inspired design talent. The 2022 edition of AFWL held at the prestigious Freemasons Hall In Covent Garden, London.

Fast and emerging fashion brand, Piillz n Poizn became the most talked about brand at the end of the event. The brand which specialises in the idea of creating a luxury fashion brand where current trends coexist with timelessness has over the last 18-month been doing extremely remarkable jobs, headlining major fashion shows around the globe.

Fifi Umenyiora
Fifi Umenyiora & her Models. Photo Credit: AFWL

Before its grand display of artistry and fashion dominance at the 2022 African fashion Week in London, Piillz n Poizn turned heads back in August when 24-year-old Swelia Da Silva Antonio was crowned the new Miss Universe in Angola.

With the accolades from Nigeria, Angola and other locations, Piillz n Poizn headed to the United Kingdom to do what it knows how to do best, the designs were a delectable display of wearable art and a mix of contemporary, elegant chic and prét a porter creations.

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In the words of the head designer behind the fast emerging fashion brand, Fifi Umenyiora, ‘leading this brand was a welcome challenge and I’m glad my team and I were not just able to rise to the occasion but meet and surpass standard expectations. I am glad our designs and level of creativity that went into the production all came out perfectly to the awe  of the audience and the fashion industry”.