From Madlynmodegh’s ball gowns to Toju Foyeh’s flair to Anasimba by Kita’s Chic, with all others. Check out Styleafrique’s best-dressed list from Golden Movie Awards 2017.

1. Nancy Isime in Suemanuell

Nancy Isime
<em>Nancy Isime in Suemanuell<em>

2.  Osas Ighodaro Ajibade slaying in Toju Foyeh

Osas Ighodaro Ajibade
<em>Osas Ighodaro Ajibade slaying in Toju Foyeh<em>

3.  Lydia Forson feeling all flamy in her Anasimba by Zita

Lydia Forson
<em>Lydia Forson feeling all flamy in her Anasimba by Zita<em>

4. Nadia Buari wearing Elsenams

Nadia Buari
<em>Nadia Buari wearing Elsenams<em>

5. Moesha Budoung in Afriken by Nana

Moesha Budoung
<em>Moesha Budoung in Afriken by Nana<em>

6. Stephanie Karikari wearing Tiannah

Stephanie Karikari
<em>Stephanie Karikari wearing Tiannah<em>

7. Salma Mumin in Sima Brew

Salma Mumin
<em>Salma Mumin in Sima Brew<em>

8. Benedicta Gafah in Mardini

Benedicta Gafah
<em>Benedicta Gafah in Mardini<em>

9. Fella Makafui killing it in a Quophi Akotuah

fella makafui
<em>Fella Makafui killing it in a Quophi Akotuah<em>

10. Siruti in Caesar’s couture Design

<em>Siruti in Caesar<strong><strong>s Couture Design<em>

11. Delsey Hamilton (Miss Malaika ’16 2nd Runner – up) in GTP 

Miss Malaika
<em>Delsey Hamilton Miss Malaika <strong><strong>16 2nd Runner up in GTP <em>

12. Kalybos


13. Leah Brown (Miss Malaika ’16)  slaying in GTP

Miss malaika1
<em>Leah Brown Miss Malaika <strong><strong>16 slaying in GTP<em>

14. Nikki Samonas in Madlynmodegh

Nikki Samonas
<em>Nikki Samonas in Madlynmodegh<em>

15. Chriskata in Nuna’s Design

<em>Chriskata in Nuna<strong><strong>s Design<em>

16. Belinda Dzatah wearing Anasimba’s Zita

Belinda Dzatah
<em>Belinda Dzatah wearing Anasimba<strong><strong>s Zita<em>

17. Jessica Williams in Megsignature 

Jessica Williams
<em>Jessica Williams in Megsignature <em>
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