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Bags Made by Ugandan Entrepreneur Who Got Inspiration from New York’s Street Fashion

Inspired by New York Street Fashion

Sarah Nakintu, a designer of bags, made it crystal from the beginning that she will create bags that are functional and can handle anything from city errands to heavy air travel and also from the streets to a dinner in Madison Avenue.

With that notion in mind, she quit her technology career and gazed her focus on fashion and leather goods.

Her drive for craftsmanship arouse when she met very skilled artisans whose societies were on the verge of collapsing. Due to that concern she advised the youth of the society to maintain their traditions as final confirmation of her brand.

The brand’s name Kintu is a collection of high-quality leather bags that is partnered with different artisans who represents modern Africa and is inspired by experiences and New York City street fashion.

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Kintu Bag

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