Nigerian creative force Olaolu Slawn is making waves on the international fashion scene! The artist and designer, known for his vibrant and captivating hand-painted creations, has just landed a prestigious collaboration with none other than French luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

Slawn collaborated with the brand to paint the “Stolen Bag” collection. The limited edition features Slawn’s signature hand painted cartoons that are signed and numbered by him.

This exciting partnership marks a significant moment for both parties. Slawn’s signature style, characterized by bold colours and playful cartoons, will undoubtedly add a fresh and energetic touch to Louis Vuitton’s collection. On the other hand, the collaboration allows Slawn to showcase his talent on a global platform, reaching a wider audience and solidifying his position as a rising star in the fashion world.

The artist known for his unique paintings has worked with several luxury brands and celebrities.

In April this year, he handpainted a custom Rolex watch. In December last year, he did a body paint art on American rapper and songwriter, Rubi Rose.