Nigerian fashion brand Ebun Oladoye has introduced a striking new suit collection for men, showcasing a vibrant blend of traditional African textiles with innovative design. This collection features suits made from adire and ankara prints, enriched by beautiful cuts that elevate the ensemble with contemporary flair.

The collection not only highlights the rich heritage of African fabrics but also introduces a modern twist that appeals to a global audience. It also exemplifies the diversity and vibrancy of African style, ranging from traditional attire to groundbreaking designs that redefine fashion norms. Committed to sustainability,

Beyond fashion, the creative director, Paul Mabayomije Olusegun explains that the brand represents a cultural movement that honors African heritage while promoting innovation and sustainability in the industry, also the brand has built a dedicated following among enthusiasts and celebrities alike, attracted by its authentic narrative and exceptional craftsmanship.

See the collection below:

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