As Black History Month draws to an end and we step into Women’s History Month, renowned Sierra Leonean model, fashion influencer, and digital content creator, Sonia Tucker, collaborates with US Based Cameroonian Designer Claude Kameni.

Together, they embark on a journey to honor the strength and beauty of black womanhood through an exquisite printed flared gown, symbolizing resilience and empowerment.

The designer, Claude Kameni, created a gown that shines a light on the incredible matriarchy within her own family, a lineage of strong, resilient black women whose stories have shaped her identity and inspired every part of her journey not to ever give up on herself.

She said “This artwork is not just a tribute to my family’s, but a testament to the strength and beauty of Black womanhood. Let us honor and amplify the voices of Black women this Women’s History Month and every month”.

See photos from Sonia Tucker:

Sonia wrote on her Instagram – “As Black History Month comes to a close and we transition into Women’s History Month, we celebrate a world rich with diversity and untold stories.

During Black History Month, we honor the indomitable spirit and resilience of Black individuals who have shaped history against all odds. From the trailblazers of the past who paved the way for change to the unsung heroes of today’s movements, their legacies remind us of the enduring power of perseverance, strength, and community.

As we transition into Women’s History Month, we celebrate the courage, brilliance, and unwavering determination of women throughout history. From the pioneers who shattered glass ceilings to the activists who continue to fight for equality and justice, their stories inspire us to challenge norms, embrace diversity, and champion progress.

Yet, let us remember that these acknowledgments should extend far beyond the confines of a calendar month. Every day offers an opportunity to amplify voices, uplift stories, and recognize the interconnectedness of our shared humanity. By honoring Black history and women’s history not just during designated months, but every moment, we commit ourselves to creating a more inclusive, equitable, and compassionate world for generations to come. ♥️ Cheers to always celebrating us.” 👸🏾👸🏾🥂

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Designer 👗: @claudekameni
Model @sonia_barbie_tucker
Photographer: @stanlophotography
MUA: @mua_ttt_tia
Jewelry: @trufacebygrace
Creative director: @thatgirl_ck