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Star of ”Crazy Rich Asians”dazzles in Mimi Plange.

African tradition recreated in a modern way…

Mimi Plange, of Ghanaian descent is an American Womenswear Brand which is inspired by African Art

It is guided by the principle she refers to as “The Democratization of Luxury”, Mimi Plange creates clothes that are very much inspired by the modern American luxury sportswear tradition, with an infusion of dark romance and aimed at the new, international and democratically-minded consumer. Africa remains a limitless font of inspiration for the Ghanaian-born designer, who constantly seeks out the unusual found in African traditions, landscapes and lore, and reinterprets these themes in a refreshingly modern way.

Awkwafina, the beautiful breakout star of Crazy Rich Asians, turned up in a dazzling look created by Mimi Plange for her first ever SAG awards.

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