Award winning label, based on feminine silhouettes that creates garments often described as timeless, dainty and chic with an in-built urge, Erzumah Ackerson had both classic and vintage influences from Ghanaian heritage.
The Ghanaian-London based designer, epitomize the female who avails herself, feels comfortable, embraces individuality and expresses herself to experiment different colours and textures.

Meet the Designer, Erzumah Ackerson (CEO of Bestow Elan)

Though she has produced many beautiful pieces some made of African prints, she has introduced a whole new look to her masterpieces, “Osei Tie Waist Top”, is a loose to fit body top made of luxury cotton mix fabric with a stylish and turn up sleeves that befits any event. Her stunning and dazzling works have attracted many in the likes of Thandie Newton, a British Movie Icon.

Aside her fashion tactics, Erzumah Ackerson have been honored with a featured in Helen Jennings fashion bible “New African Fashion” and Jacqueline Shaw’s coffee book “Fashion Africa”, where she enfolds her fashion brand, Bestow Elan with unique silhouettes and style in every design created.

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Osei Tie Waist Top by Bestow Elan
Thandie Newton in Beston Elan outfit
Thandie Newton