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Fashion Designer Solves Breastfeeding Problems with New Apparel

…no More Shyness with Le Regard

Most women, especially young Mothers, are quite uneasy at the thought of nursing their babies in public because they do not want to expose their breasts and cannot find clothes that are well-designed for breastfeeding.

It is this kind of hassle that drove Ruth Yeboah, the founder of Le Regard Apparel, to create a new line of women’s attire that provides sophisticated postpartum clothing without compromising style and comfort.

3 Unique Designs

Through Le Regard Apparel, Yeboah has launched a new collection of stylish women’s clothes that is made up of three main styles: the Emery Suit, Lucie Dress, and La Cherie Dress.

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The Lucie Dress

The Lucie Dress/ Photo Credit: Le Regard

The Lucie Dress has invisible zippers at the bust to allow for easy breastfeeding and pumping on the go. It is also quite flattering to a postpartum body. Yeboah says this one is for ladies who want to look and feel fabulous.

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