TEEP, which stands for Tony Elumelu foundation Entrepreneurship Programme, is a project founded by Tony O. Elumelu, a philanthropist and an entrepreneur, who gears to establish a pan-African entrepreneurial programme and also an avenue where jobs can be generated in the future.

TEEP awarded Ms. Mawuenana Ami Yomekpe, as a successful entrepreneur due to her outstanding attendance to the programme, submitting a credible business strategy, completing a whole 3 month enterprise toolkit online and providing a case-study of reports.

Chief Executive Officer and founder of AfroMod Trends, a brand under AfroMod Limited, and a registered company in Ghana. Ms Mauwenana Ami Yomekpe, is a Ghanaian fashion designer who focuses on designing affordable but luxury garments for women to meet the standards of the global markets.

With this vision and excellent work of tailoring, she aims to be an Icon and a fashion symbol for all women who have passion for fashion, to give an ear to social businesses that face serious social difficulties and also to empower the upcoming generation with projects that influence societies positively through fashion.

Mawuenana Ami Yomekpe
Mawuenana Ami Yomekpe (CEO and Founder of AfroMod Limited)